Frequently Asked Questions

I have purchased the full version of Painter, but the app is still locked.

The licenses for the Android applications are managed by Google Play store. Recently it happens that after installation on a new device or after the-installation, the Play store doesn't update the licensing data immediately. Usually it takes to reboot the device to force the system to recognize newly installed applications but in some cases you have to wait a couple of hours after that. Also you have to make sure that you are using the same Google account as when you did the purchase (the licenses are bound to your Google account, not to the internal login in Painter).

The app is unstable on my Android 11 device.

There are known issues with Painter in version 6.6.1 on devices with Android 11. A fis to these issues will come with the new version 7 which is currently in beta testing.

Where is the manual for the Android version?

There is no manual for the Android version 6.6. Manual for the upcoming version 7 is here:
View the Manual

I cannot install Painter on my Huawei device. What can I do?

It is a complicated problem. Because there are still US government restrictions against Huawei in power, American companies are not allowed to have business contacts with this firm. Also, because of Google's policies, developers who publish their applications on Google Play store are restricted in their freedom to publish the same Android applications elsewhere. This situation should be evolving and reportedly some users already have access to Google services on their Huawei devices, but at the moment you don't have a good solution. Either you have to give up your Huawei device for now or you may have no legal ways to use certain software on it, including Painter.

Can I install Procreate brushes in Painter?

Unfortunately no. Infinite Painter uses a completely different brush engine than Procreate and the brushes are not compatible with each other.

I have purchased the full version on Android, can I use it on my new iPad?

Unfortunately, no. Infinite Painter for Android and Infinite Painter for iOS are separate products and they are distributed by separate app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). Both Google and Apple do not want cross-platform licensing. This is probably going to change in the future, but as for now, both platforms are separate worlds.

I have bought a new Android tablet; how can I transfer my projects from my old Android device?

If your ‘old’ device has Android 10 or higher, it is tricky: the projects are stored in a restricted part of the device’s storage and you may need specialized tools to even see them. Without using technical tricks, you can only export (share) each project separately “as project”, transfer to your new device and import to Painter. No batch operations offered at the moment. On Android 9 or older, you can copy the project files (.pntr) from the “(internal storage)/Infinite Studio/Painter/Projects” folder and transfer them to the new device. Still, each project has to be imported into Painter. Technically, on Android 11 the projects are stored in the “///_Android/data/com.brakefield.painter/files/Infinite Studio/Painter/Projects” folder. If you are able to access this location, you can copy your .pntr files directly there. [Note that in Painter 7 you will no longer be able to manually transfer the projects at all. Project transfer tool will be provided.]

Google Play tells me that Painter is not compatible with my device, what can I do?

Painter requires Android 7 or higher, but there are also some more technical requirements that may exclude older devices from use. Also, make sure that your device is compatible with Google's Play Protect system. Rooted or non-standard system versions may render your device partially incompatible with Google Play services.

Where can I find new brushes?

You have access to the online brush repository from within the brush panel. These are the brushes created and uploaded by other users and they are free to use. You can also find professional brush creators online, who offer commercial brush packs for sale. Currently there is not a single marketplace for such offers. Note that in Painter you can only use .prbr format brushes and .przp brush packs. Photoshop-compatible brushes cannot be used in Painter.

Where are my projects stored?

In general, Painter stores its data only locally, in the internal storage of your device. On iOS devices and on Android 10 and higher, the location of the projects is not accessible from outside of the application. If you want your projects transferred to another device or backed up, you have to export (share) each project as “project” (as PNTR file) and send it to the other device with a file manager.

All my tools disappeared from the screen, help!

You probably entered the immersive mode by tapping with four fingers simultaneously. Tap with four fingers again or tap the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to bring back the interface.

I have accidentally deleted a brush, can I have it back?

Definitely, as long as it was a default (built-in) brush. Long-press on the icon of the brush folder that used to contain the deleted brush and pick Restore from the popup menu. Deleted custom brushes cannot be restored.

I cannot upload my artwork to the Community anymore, what happened?

The Community artwork gallery is currently closed. No new pictures can be uploaded. The gallery is planned to reopen but there are technical problems to be solved beforehand.

How do I get a transparent background?

If you want to exclude background (Paper layer) in the exported image, export as PNG and uncheck the “Background” option. To simply hide the Paper layer temporarily, tap the eye icon next to Paper in the Layers panel.

What is the difference between Infinite Painter and Infinite Design?

Infinite Painter is a bitmap application (the image consists of a defined number of pixels of different colors) while Infinite Design is a vector application. In Design the image is built with objects, defined with geometric shapes and having different colors assigned. Besides this basic difference, both applications share similar interface and tools.

Please help, I accidentally deleted my project.

Well, no good news. Painter in current versions doesn’t keep backup copies of your projects automatically. If you delete a project, it is deleted for good. A (painful) lesson learned.

Where is the real customer support?

There isn't. The developer of Infinite Painter and Infinite Design is a single person without a support team. Currently the only customer support is at the community forum; in most cases it works.

Painter for Android doesn’t let me specify resolution. I need to print my artwork in 300 dpi, what to do?

You have to calculate: Physical dimensions (print size) of the canvas multiplied by the resolution gives the desired canvas size in pixels. Practically: [Dimension in inches] × [resolution in dpi] = [pixel size]. If you are using metric units you have to either translate resolution in dpi (pixels-per-inch) to pixels-per-cm or (easier?) translate dimensions to inches (25.4 mm per inch). This is because, for historical reasons, most of the world still uses "dpi" as a unit of resolution. Example: if you want to print your picture in, say, A4 size (210 x 297 mm) at 300 dpi, calculate the size in inches (ca. 8” x 12”) and multiply each dimension by 300. Your canvas size should be 2400 x 3600 pixels.

I’ve been told to clear the cache of the application to get rid of a temporary glitch, how am I supposed to do that?

To clear the cache, go to the system settings and find the Applications section (‘Apps’). From the application list pick Painter. In the Painter info screen find Storage section; open it. You will find there 'Clear cache' button. Use it (it is safe, no user data will be affected). Restart Painter.

How to contact the developer directly?


I’m not fully satisfied with the built-brushes. I’d like them improved.

Each brush in Painter has about 100 control parameters that can be changed and tuned to your liking. This requires some learning and a lot of trial and error but you can actually improve the behavior of any brush. Remember that you can easily reset the brush to its original settings if you mess up. You can then save the altered brushes under new names to separate them from the built-in tools; you can also group them in custom folders. As changes to the brush settings are applied in real time, you can test them immediately right on your canvas. In Painter 7, you can dock the brush panel for this, so it stays open all the time.

Why is the Android update taking so long?

We started working on updating Infinite Painter on Android a few months ago, and while on it, we discovered that Google had made major changes to Android’s system, especially on the file saving configuration, as well as other modifications that made it very difficult to upgrade the app. We decided to take a major focus on Android and not only bring Painter 7 to Android users, but also make sure app performance and stability are the best possible, so we went back to make some major changes to the whole code. We’re essentially rebuilding the whole application and re-launching it with some major improvements, superior tools and better stability. We know it’s been a while, and we understand our Android user’s frustration. We’d love to make this process faster, but we want to make sure everything is working perfectly before we launch the new version, to avoid critical malfunctioning or crashing that may affect our user’s hard work. We are very thankful for your constant support and for your patience, we will announce the release date as soon as we set one. We’re getting there, we promise!

Is Infinite Painter a free app? Why can’t you make it free?

Infinite Painter is a powerful and highly intuitive mobile app for creatives and it offers both a free and paid version. The free version will allow you to use some elemental tools for creatives, but the paid version will grant you access to the vast catalog of powerful tools Infinite Painter offers. The paid version is a one-time-purchase and includes great tools such as:

  • Paths, color filters, and shapes
  • Editing tools like liquify
  • Gradient and Pattern filling options
  • Color correction and management

Infinite Studio is a small developing team with limited resources, which strives to stay independent and free to keep working on behalf of the user’s needs, so, unfortunately, we cannot offer the full version for free.

How can I get a refund?

Hey, we’re very sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with Infinite Painter. Did you try the free 7 days trial? We offer this trial to give our users a chance to explore the app and see if it’s the right fit for their needs before making a purchase. If you are having troubles with your app, we can definitely look into those! Please write to so we can better help you.

My app is constantly bugging or crashing, what can I do?

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. You can report a bug directly to us. Bug reports from the community help us keep track of malfunctions, spot new problems and work on patches to resolve them, so we encourage you to send a report. Please, make sure you include information about your device, operating system and Infinite Painter project (canvas size, number of layers). You can also add screenshots or screen videos to better explain yourself. If your app is constantly crashing, shutting down or freezing your screen, there’s a chance you’re working on a canvas that’s too big for your device, or that your RAM memory is not enough to allow Infinite Painter to function properly. Remember that your device’s RAM memory plays a big role in app performance.

Help! My artwork vanished and now I can’t find it!

We're very sorry to know you've been experiencing problems with the app. All artwork is saved locally in your device, so as long as you didn’t delete the files or any app data, they should be there. Please note that, recently, Google recently changed its file system to something called "scoped storage" which makes all files created by an app a part of the app. Uninstalling the app (like it happens on Apple devices) will remove all files that haven’t been previously exported. On Android devices, you can safely reinstall the app, but you need to tap the Keep the App Data option when uninstalling the app, or the app data will be erased. As said before, as long as you exported the files, they should be there, but we'll follow up on this via e-mail. There are other possible reasons this could have happened, so please email directly to so we can better help you.

I can’t find a way to purchase the full app, what’s happening?

This situation occurs when the user does not have the ability to make purchases through the Google Play store/Apple App Store, since all prices are pulled from there, and all purchases/refunds are made through that service. Sometimes this is because the user is using a restricted account like a student email, business email, or where a parent may have restricted the purchases. This can also happen if a user is using a Huawei device, since there is currently a US ban with US companies working with Huawei so those devices don’t have Google services and therefore cannot purchase apps available on the Google PlayStore. Can you make other purchases normally? If you can, please let us look into this via e-mail. If you can't, it's most likely a problem you'd need to check directly with your device’s app store.

How do I change the DPI settings?

Firstly, allow us to clarify that DPI is a measurement you'll only need if you want to print your projects. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and is the part of project information that tells a printer how many pixels per inch go into a printed image, so it does not affect the quality of a purely digital product. The maximum resolution of a project depends on how much RAM your device contains, as well as how many layers you'll need to use. In Infinite Painter 7, you can directly change your DPI settings once you select to convert your measurements into non-digital units (from pixels to cm or in, for example.) Previous versions do not allow this data to be manually set, but you can easily calculate the pixel dimensions you need to get your desired DPI with the help of some virtual calculators available online.

Is Infinite Painter available for Windows?

Infinite Painter is a mobile app available on Android and iOS and it has no native 'desktop' versions. As the desktop systems gradually add support for mobile applications, Painter is already available on Chromebooks and the new Apple M1 MacBook and Mac Mini devices. With the support for native Android applications coming to Windows 11, Painter will be available on this platform too; however this will not be a specific Windows version.